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HR in a BOX have a vast library of documents for your business.  We have recruitment and selection information and documents, Policies and Procedures, Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS), HR Documents such as Position Descriptions, Letters of Offer – to just name a few.

If you are looking for something in particular that you cannot locate in our shop, please reach out and one of the team will be happy to help.

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Central Lathe Machine (SWMS)

Looking for a safe and efficient way to use a Central Lathe Machine in your workplace? Our Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) has got you covered! This comprehensive guide outlines potential hazards, risk controls, personal protective equipment requirements, and step-by-step instructions for safe operation. Ensure the safety of your workers and workplace – get your copy today!


Managing Director Position Description

Our Managing Director Position Description template is a comprehensive guide for businesses seeking to fill this crucial leadership role. This document outlines the key responsibilities, qualifications, and skills required for the position, including overseeing company operations, setting goals, managing teams, and driving financial performance. By using our template, you can attract top talent and ensure that expectations are clear, setting your organization up for success.


Equal Opportunities Policy

Our Equal Opportunities Policy promotes a diverse and inclusive workplace, where everyone has access to the same opportunities for growth and success. This policy covers all aspects of employment and prohibits discrimination on the basis of any protected characteristic. With our commitment to creating a fair and inclusive work environment, employees can feel valued and respected. Invest in our Equal Opportunities Policy today and promote equality and fairness in your workplace.


Staff Performance Review Policy

Our policy provides a structured approach to evaluate and give feedback to your employees. It includes clear guidelines, review process, and tools to help managers conduct effective performance reviews. Improve employee engagement, performance, and motivation in your workplace. Get your copy today!


Cleaning and Chemical Use (SWMS)

Protect your team and maintain a safe work environment in food service or manufacturing settings with our downloadable Safe Work Method Statement for cleaning and using chemicals. Our comprehensive statement outlines clear guidelines and protocols to minimize risks and prevent accidents when handling chemicals. Download now for a safer, more productive workplace.


Unloading Bobcat from Float (SWMS)

Our SWMS for unloading a Bobcat from a float is a crucial document for ensuring safety during this process. It outlines the necessary steps and risk controls needed to prevent accidents and injuries, including identifying hazards and risks, using appropriate lifting equipment, and providing workers with PPE. By following this SWMS, you can ensure the safety of your workers and comply with relevant regulations. Get your copy today and prioritize safety in your Bobcat unloading process.


Lead Paint Removal (SWMS)

Remove lead paint safely with our SWMS! This document outlines steps and precautions to protect workers and the environment, including risk identification and control measures. It covers proper personal protective equipment, ventilation, waste disposal, and minimizing dust and debris. Ensure a safe work environment with our SWMS – get your copy today!


Operating a Reciprocal Saw (SWMS)

Ensure the safety of your workers when using a reciprocal saw with our comprehensive Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS). Our document outlines the necessary steps and risk controls to minimize hazards and risks associated with the tool, including cuts and eye injuries. By following our SWMS, which includes providing appropriate personal protective equipment and inspecting the tool regularly, you can maintain a safe and productive work environment. Get your copy today and prioritize safety in your workplace.


Using a Compound Saw (SWMS)

Keep your team safe and your business compliant with our Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) for Compound Saw operation. Our document outlines a step-by-step guide on how to safely operate the saw, including essential safety measures like PPE requirements, setup, and shutdown procedures. By implementing our guidelines, you can protect your workers from potential hazards and ensure compliance with industry regulations. Don’t risk workplace accidents – order our Compound Saw SWMS and ensure safe saw operation today.


Social Media Policy

Our comprehensive policy template outlines the appropriate use of social media for employees, covering topics such as content, branding, privacy, and more. Protect your company’s reputation and minimize legal liabilities with our easy-to-implement guidelines. Get your copy today!


Painter Position Description

Our Painter Position Description template is a must-have for businesses seeking to efficiently hire a skilled painter. Our document outlines the essential duties and responsibilities required of this role, from preparing surfaces to applying paint or other finishes. It also details the necessary skills, experience, and qualifications needed to excel in this role. With our Painter Position Description, you can streamline your recruitment process and find the right candidate who possesses the skills and experience required to excel in the position. Don’t waste any more time searching for the perfect candidate – order now and get the job done right.


Delivery Driver Position Description

Our Delivery Driver Position Description template is a valuable resource for businesses looking to hire delivery drivers. With this comprehensive document, you can outline the essential responsibilities, skills, and qualifications required for the job. Our template can be customized to fit your specific needs and industry, making it easy to attract and select the most qualified candidates for your team. Get started today and streamline your hiring process with our Delivery Driver Position Description template.


Job Advertisement Template

Our Job Advertisement Template is a customizable document that includes all the necessary details to create an effective and professional job advertisement. It helps businesses attract the right candidates for a vacant position by including job title, duties and responsibilities, qualifications and experience required, and salary and benefits package. Streamline your recruitment process and attract top talent with our Job Advertisement Template.


Letter of Employment Offer Template

Our comprehensive and customizable Letter of Employment Offer Template provides a professional and clear outline of the terms and conditions of employment for new hires. From job title to start date, salary, benefits, and any special conditions, this document ensures that all new employees have a clear understanding of their role and responsibilities, and what they can expect from the company. Streamline your hiring process and build a strong reputation as an employer of choice with our Letter of Employment Offer Template.


Company Property Policy

Our comprehensive Company Property Policy sets clear expectations for the use and care of company property. This document covers everything from laptops and phones to vehicles, ensuring that all assets are being used and maintained appropriately. By implementing this policy, you can protect your business assets and avoid unnecessary costs. Get your copy today!


Receptionsit Position Description

Our Receptionist Position Description template is a comprehensive tool for businesses seeking to attract and select the best candidate for this crucial role. Our document outlines the duties and responsibilities of a receptionist in your organization, including job purpose, key responsibilities, skills and qualifications required, working conditions, and more. Use our template to ensure that the role is properly defined and communicated to the employee. Whether you’re hiring a new receptionist or looking to update your existing position description, our Receptionist Position Description template is a valuable resource for your business. Streamline your hiring process and order now.


Grill Plate & Hotplate Usage (SWMS)

Ensure a safer work environment in your food service or manufacturing setting with our Safe Work Method Statement for using a grill plate or hotplate. Our statement provides step-by-step guidelines and safety measures to prevent accidents and injuries. Easy to understand and implement, download now to ensure your staff has the necessary training for safe grill plate and hotplate operation.


Working From Home Agreement

Our Work-From-Home Agreement Template is a comprehensive document that outlines the expectations and conditions for employees who work remotely. It covers important aspects such as communication expectations, performance metrics, and work hours, ensuring that both the employer and employee are on the same page. By using our template, employers can create a clear and effective agreement that sets expectations and reduces the risk of miscommunication and misunderstandings.


Soldering (SWMS)

Our Safe Work Method Statement for Soldering Works outlines step-by-step instructions and risk controls for safe soldering work. With hazard identification, control measures, and PPE guidelines, workers can confidently carry out their tasks with reduced risk. Download your copy for a safer work environment.


Line Marking Works (SWMS)

Ensure the safety and efficiency of your line marking projects with our Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS). Our comprehensive guide covers preparation, equipment checks, traffic management, and clean-up, with hazard identification, risk assessments, and detailed controls such as PPE and equipment inspections. Trust our expert team to keep your team safe and productive. Download your SWMS today


Vehicle Repair SWMS Package (SWMS)

Ensure the safety of your employees and compliance with regulations with our comprehensive Workplace Safety Templates Package. This package includes a range of documents covering all areas of workplace safety, such as safe use of power tools, hazardous materials handling, manual handling, and more. With our easy-to-use templates, you can quickly and easily implement workplace safety procedures and minimize the risk of accidents and injuries. Download your package today and protect your employees and your business.


Performance Review Template

Our customizable template provides a structured approach to conducting fair and consistent performance reviews for employees. It includes sections for evaluating job performance, setting goals, and providing feedback. With this tool, you can help your team reach their full potential and contribute to your company’s success.


Abandonment of Employment Letter

Our easy-to-use template helps protect your business by providing a formal notification to employees who abandon their job without notice. Our comprehensive letter protects you from potential legal issues and helps ensure a smooth transition for your team. Download and customize the template now!


Termination Letter

Our Termination Letter template is a reliable and legally compliant solution to terminate an employee’s employment. It includes all necessary details and complies with relevant employment laws and regulations. Save time and ensure a professional termination process by using our expertly crafted template.


Health and Safety Induction Checklist

Our checklist provides a comprehensive guide to educate new employees about workplace health and safety policies and procedures. This customizable tool covers various topics such as emergency procedures, hazard identification, and reporting, personal protective equipment, and safe work practices. By using our checklist, you can minimize the risk of accidents and injuries and ensure a safe and compliant workplace. Make your workplace safer for your employees, download our Health and Safety Induction Checklist today.


Handling and Storing Food Products (SWMS)

This Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) is the solution for any food manufacturing operation. Our document outlines steps for safety and hygiene of all food products from receiving to distribution. By following the guidelines, potential hazards can be identified and mitigated. Get your copy today and ensure safety and quality!


Company Credit Cards Policy

Our policy provides a comprehensive set of guidelines to ensure that company credit cards are used appropriately, expenses are documented correctly, and financial resources are managed responsibly. Download our Company Credit Cards Policy today and protect your company’s financial security.


Cardboard Slitter Machine (SWMS)

Ensure the safe operation of your cardboard slitter machine with our comprehensive Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS). Our SWMS covers potential hazards and risks associated with the machine, along with detailed risk controls such as PPE, equipment inspections, and proper use of the machine. By following our step-by-step guide, your workers can operate the machine with confidence and safety. Purchase our SWMS today and prioritize the safety of your team!


Excavation Works SWMS Package (SWMS)

Our package provides a comprehensive set of SWMS documents tailored specifically to excavation works, covering a range of activities such as trenching, shoring, demolition, and underground services. With our customizable templates, you can ensure the safety of your workers and compliance with relevant regulations. Don’t risk workplace accidents, get your Excavation Works Safe Work Method Statements Package today!


Digital Marketing Coordinator Position Description

Find the right candidate for your organization’s digital marketing needs with our comprehensive Position Description. Covering all the key responsibilities, qualifications, and requirements of the role, our template will help streamline your hiring process and attract top talent. Get started today!


Contract of Employment – Full Time Employee

Our Full Time Employee Contract of Employment template is designed to provide a comprehensive agreement between an employer and a full-time employee. It covers important aspects such as job duties, compensation, benefits, and termination clauses. Our customizable template will help you ensure that you have a legally binding contract in place, and that both parties have a clear understanding of their rights and obligations. Protect your team and your business with our Full Time Employee Contract of Employment template.


Roof Plumbing SWMS Package (SWMS)

Our SWMS package provides tailored safe work procedures and instructions for the unique risks of roof plumbing works. Our comprehensive set of SWMSs includes hazard identification, risk assessment, and step-by-step instructions for various activities such as installation of gutters, downpipes, and flashings. Developed by safety professionals, our package helps ensure compliance with workplace health and safety regulations and promotes a safer and more efficient work environment. Download now and keep your team safe on the job.