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HR in a BOX have a vast library of documents for your business.  We have recruitment and selection information and documents, Policies and Procedures, Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS), HR Documents such as Position Descriptions, Letters of Offer – to just name a few.

If you are looking for something in particular that you cannot locate in our shop, please reach out and one of the team will be happy to help.

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Senior Barrista Position Description

Looking for a top-notch Senior Barista? Our downloadable Position Description template is the answer. It outlines the key responsibilities, qualifications, and skills required for the role, helping you attract the best talent and communicate expectations. Customize it to suit your specific business needs and get ready to hire the perfect Senior Barista for your coffee shop.


Induction Checklist – New Employee

Our customizable Induction Checklist ensures that everything you need to cover during a new employee’s first few days on the job is covered, including policies, procedures, and safety information. Give your new hires a warm welcome, and set them up for success with our easy-to-use checklist.


Food Prep & Kitchen Duties (SWMS)

Ensure safety in your food service or manufacturing setting with our comprehensive Safe Work Method Statement for food preparation and kitchen duties. Our statement outlines necessary safety procedures for handling knives, operating kitchen equipment, and preparing food. Download now to properly train and equip your staff for safe and efficient food preparation. Protect your business and employees today.


Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy

Our policy ensures that your organization is not involved in modern slavery or human trafficking in any part of your operations or supply chain. We provide due diligence processes, risk assessment, and ongoing monitoring to ensure compliance with laws and regulations. Invest in ethical and responsible practices for your organization with our Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy.


Head Chef Café Manager Position Description

Looking for a Head Chef Cafe Manager? Our Position Description outlines the responsibilities, duties, and qualifications for the role. From menu planning and food preparation to staff management and budgeting, our template can help you find the right candidate to lead your cafe to success. Download now!


General Painting Works (SWMS)

Ensure the safety of your workers during painting projects with our Safe Work Method Statement for General Painting Works. This SWMS outlines necessary steps, including hazard identification and risk control measures, such as providing proper personal protective equipment and preparing the work area. By following this document, you can ensure a safe and successful painting project. Get your copy today!


Use of a Nail Gun (SWMS)

Our SWMS for using a nail gun outlines the necessary steps and risk controls to ensure worker safety. With hazards and risks identified and appropriate measures implemented, including PPE and training, you can prevent accidents and promote a safe workplace. Get your copy today


Chief Financial Officer Position Description

Our Chief Financial Officer Position Description template provides a comprehensive outline of the duties and qualifications needed for the role. This template will help you attract the right candidates for your organization, whether you’re looking for an experienced CFO or someone ready to take the next step in their career. Use our template to create an effective job listing and find your next CFO today.


Quality Manager – Vehicle Repairs Position Description

Looking for a Quality Manager for your vehicle repairs business? Our downloadable Position Description template outlines the key responsibilities, duties, and qualifications required for the role. It includes specific details on maintaining and improving quality standards, as well as key performance indicators and necessary skills and experience. By using this template, you can attract top talent and ensure that your new hire is set up for success. Download our Quality Manager – Vehicle Repairs Position Description today and streamline your hiring process.


Mechanical Engineer Position Description

Looking for a Mechanical Engineer? Look no further than our downloadable Position Description template! Our comprehensive guide outlines the necessary qualifications and responsibilities required for the role. It covers everything from designing and developing mechanical systems to ensuring compliance with industry standards. By using our template, you can attract top talent and communicate job expectations clearly, saving you time and effort in the hiring process. Download our Mechanical Engineer Position Description template today and build a competent and effective engineering team for your organization!


Pedestal Drill (SWMS)

Our SWMS for using a Pedestal Drill provides clear guidelines and instructions to minimize the hazards and ensure the safety of your workers. It covers risk identification, control measures, and safe work procedures, including providing appropriate PPE, regular equipment inspections, and maintaining a clean work area. By following our SWMS, you can ensure that the use of the pedestal drill is safe and efficient. Download our SWMS today to prioritize the safety of your workers.


Machine Operator – Oxy Cutting Machine Position Description

Our Machine Operator – Oxy Cutting Machine Position Description outlines the duties and requirements for the job, ensuring that you attract the right candidate for the role. This template includes essential job functions such as operating and maintaining the oxy cutting machine, understanding safety procedures, and monitoring product quality. It also lists necessary qualifications such as experience in oxy cutting or similar machines, attention to detail, and ability to work independently. Use our template to ensure a successful recruitment process and find the perfect candidate for the job.


Company Travel Policy

Our comprehensive Company Travel Policy covers all aspects of business travel, from booking to reimbursement, ensuring that your employees know what is expected of them. With guidance on safety and security, as well as conduct and behavior, our policy helps you create a safe and productive travel environment for your team. Get your copy today and travel with confidence!


Termination Letter

Our Termination Letter template is a reliable and legally compliant solution to terminate an employee’s employment. It includes all necessary details and complies with relevant employment laws and regulations. Save time and ensure a professional termination process by using our expertly crafted template.


Job Application Status Response Letters – Various Templates

Our customizable templates provide a professional and effective way to communicate with job applicants at every stage of the recruitment process. From acknowledging their application to inviting them for an interview or informing them they were unsuccessful, our templates ensure clear and timely communication that helps create a positive candidate experience. Streamline your recruitment process and save time with our Job Application Status Response Letter Templates.


New Employee Induction Pack

Our New Employee Induction Pack includes all the essential documents you need to onboard new employees quickly and efficiently. From health and safety checklists to payroll forms, our pack ensures a seamless and stress-free onboarding process for both you and your new hires. Start your new employees off on the right foot and set them up for success with our comprehensive New Employee Induction Pack.


Leading Hand Position Description

Our Leading Hand Position Description template provides a clear framework for businesses looking to hire or develop a high-performing trades team. This document outlines the key duties and responsibilities of the Leading Hand, including team supervision, quality assurance, and project management. By using our template, you can ensure that your Leading Hand has the necessary skills and qualifications to excel in their role, while also providing a clear roadmap for career growth and development within your organization. Start building a strong and successful trades team today!


Use of a Vehicle Hoist (SWMS)

Ensure the safety of yourself and others when using vehicle hoists with our expertly crafted SWMS document. Our comprehensive guide covers all aspects of safe vehicle hoist operation, including pre-use inspection, safe use, and post-use maintenance. Download our SWMS today and stay safe on the job.


Cleaner Position Description

Our comprehensive Cleaner Position Description template outlines the essential duties and responsibilities required for this role, including maintaining cleanliness and organization in the workplace, handling cleaning supplies and equipment, and reporting any maintenance issues. Use this template to ensure that you attract qualified candidates and provide them with a clear understanding of their job responsibilities as a Cleaner in your organization.



Looking to ensure the safety of your employees, contractors, and visitors during welding works? Our Safe Work Method Statement for Undertaking Welding Works has got you covered. This comprehensive document outlines hazard identification, risk assessment, control measures, and emergency response procedures. Designed to comply with industry standards and legislation, our template will help you minimize workplace accidents and injuries while maximizing efficiency. Download now and ensure safe and successful welding works.


Butcher Position Description

Our Butcher Position Description template is designed to help businesses find the right candidate for the role. The template outlines the responsibilities and requirements for the job, including tasks such as meat preparation, equipment operation, and inventory management. By using our template, you can create a detailed job description that attracts the best candidates and ensures that they understand the expectations and requirements of the job.


Clam Die Cutter Machine (SWMS)

Looking for a way to ensure safe operation of your Clam Die Cutter Machine? Our Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) has got you covered. This document outlines potential hazards and controls, including step-by-step instructions for operating the machine safely, proper lockout/tagout procedures, and personal protective equipment requirements. By following our SWMS, you can reduce the risk of accidents and ensure the safety of everyone involved. Download your copy today to promote a safer work environment.


Reference Check Template

Get valuable insights into potential employees with our customizable Reference Check Template. This essential document allows businesses to gather crucial information from previous employers about work ethic, skills, and accomplishments, giving you the confidence to make informed hiring decisions. Easy to use and fully customizable, our template saves you time and effort in the hiring process, ensuring that you select the best candidates for your organization. Don’t leave your hiring decisions to chance – get started with our Reference Check Template today!


Exit Interview Template

Our easy-to-use exit interview template provides a comprehensive framework for gaining valuable insights into why employees leave your company. With detailed questions covering all the important areas, you can gather important feedback to help you improve your workplace culture and retention rates. Download and customize our template today to gain valuable insights and improve your company’s retention rates.


Demolition Works (SWMS)

Ensure the safety of workers during the demolition process with our comprehensive SWMS. Our statement includes hazard identification, risk control measures, and compliance with safety regulations and standards. Fully customizable to suit your project needs, our document covers all aspects of demolition work, including hazardous materials removal and debris handling. Download now for a safe and incident-free demolition process. Get your copy of our SWMS for Demolition Works today.


Disputes and Grievances Policy

Our policy provides a clear and fair framework for addressing and resolving workplace disputes and grievances. It outlines the steps employees should take if they have a concern or complaint, and the responsibilities of management in addressing these issues. This policy promotes a positive and productive work environment, ensuring that all employees are treated fairly and with respect. Get your copy today and create a harmonious workplace for your team.


Accounts Receivable Position Description

Improve your hiring process and update your job descriptions with our Accounts Receivable Position Description document. Our comprehensive template outlines the key responsibilities and requirements for an Accounts Receivable position, including job summary, essential duties and responsibilities, required qualifications, and necessary skills. Use our document to attract experienced Accounts Receivable professionals and ensure that your job description aligns with industry standards. Don’t let a vague job description hinder your hiring – order our Accounts Receivable Position Description today.


Industrial Guillotine (SWMS)

Ensure worker safety when using an industrial guillotine with our Safe Work Method Statement. Our comprehensive document outlines the potential hazards and risks associated with using an industrial guillotine and provides measures to manage those risks. The SWMS also covers the use of PPE and inspection and maintenance requirements. Use our SWMS to ensure a safe and efficient workplace. Get your copy now!


Contract of Employment – Casual Employee

Our Contract of Employment template for Casual Employee is a comprehensive document that covers the essential terms and conditions of employment for casual workers. From hours of work to hourly rates of pay, our template ensures compliance with employment laws and provides clarity to both employers and employees. Customize it to fit your needs and ensure your casual workers are covered.


Lower Roof Walkway Installation (SWMS)

Our Safe Work Method Statement for welding provides clear guidance and risk controls for welding work in a variety of settings, including hazard identification, risk assessments, and personal protective equipment requirements. Our comprehensive SWMS also includes detailed instructions for setup, preparation, and safe use of welding equipment, as well as proper storage and disposal of hazardous materials. By implementing our SWMS, you can reduce the risk of accidents and injuries in your workplace while ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and standards. Download our template today and prioritize safety in your welding operations.


Privacy and Confidentiality Policy

Our policy template provides clear guidelines for the handling and protection of confidential information. From customer data to trade secrets, this policy will help ensure compliance with privacy laws and maintain the trust of your clients and partners. Get your copy today and protect your business.


Use of Metal Cut Off Saw (SWMS)

Ensure safe and efficient use of Metal Cut Off Saw with our comprehensive SWMS. It covers potential hazards and risks associated with the tool and provides risk controls, including PPE, inspections, and safe handling. Follow the outlined steps to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries at your workplace. Get your copy today and prioritize workplace safety!