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HR in a BOX have a vast library of documents for your business.  We have recruitment and selection information and documents, Policies and Procedures, Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS), HR Documents such as Position Descriptions, Letters of Offer – to just name a few.

If you are looking for something in particular that you cannot locate in our shop, please reach out and one of the team will be happy to help.

Adding Liquid Ingredients (SWMS)

Ensure a safer work environment in the food service and manufacturing industries with our downloadable Safe Work Method Statement for adding liquid ingredients. Our statement provides clear guidelines and protocols to minimize risks and prevent accidents when adding liquid ingredients. Download now for a safer, more productive workplace.


Official Warning Letter

Our Official Warning Letter template is a comprehensive tool designed to help you communicate your expectations to your employees and protect your business from potential legal issues. With clear language and all the necessary components, this template ensures that your employees understand the consequences of failing to correct problematic behavior. Don’t wait until it’s too late – get our Official Warning Letter template today and safeguard your business.


Residential Builder SWMS Package (SWMS)

Get the job done safely and efficiently with our comprehensive package of Safe Work Method Statements. From excavation to painting, our package provides clear and concise instructions for each task, ensuring the safety and quality of your work. Download now!


Mobile Plant (SWMS)

Our Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) for using Mobile Plant provides a comprehensive guide to ensure safety in the workplace. Our document outlines the necessary steps and safety measures to follow when using mobile plant equipment, including pre-operation checks, safety protocols, and emergency procedures. With our SWMS, you can reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, and ensure compliance with relevant safety regulations. Get your copy today and prioritize safety in your mobile plant operations.


Staff Performance Review Policy

Our policy provides a structured approach to evaluate and give feedback to your employees. It includes clear guidelines, review process, and tools to help managers conduct effective performance reviews. Improve employee engagement, performance, and motivation in your workplace. Get your copy today!


Induction Checklist – New Employee

Our customizable Induction Checklist ensures that everything you need to cover during a new employee’s first few days on the job is covered, including policies, procedures, and safety information. Give your new hires a warm welcome, and set them up for success with our easy-to-use checklist.


Rota Printer (SWMS)

Ensure safe operation of your Rota Printer with our SWMS. Our comprehensive document outlines the necessary steps for safe and efficient use of the printer, including risk identification, control measures, and pre/post-operation procedures. By following our SWMS, you can ensure the safety of yourself and others while using this powerful tool. Download now for clear and concise instructions that are perfect for both novice and experienced operators.


Customer Service – Position Description

Need to hire a Customer Service Representative? Our Position Description template has got you covered! This comprehensive guide outlines the responsibilities and duties of the role, ensuring that you find the right candidate with the necessary skills and experience. From managing customer inquiries and complaints to providing product and service information, this template covers it all. With clear expectations and requirements laid out, you’ll be able to find the ideal candidate to help take your customer service to new heights. Download our template today and start building your dream team!


Digital Marketing Coordinator Position Description

Find the right candidate for your organization’s digital marketing needs with our comprehensive Position Description. Covering all the key responsibilities, qualifications, and requirements of the role, our template will help streamline your hiring process and attract top talent. Get started today!


Staff Selection Matrix

Streamline your hiring process with our easy-to-use Staff Selection Matrix template. This tool breaks down applicant qualifications into specific categories like education, experience, skills, and personality traits, giving you a systematic approach to evaluate job candidates. With the Staff Selection Matrix, you’ll make informed hiring decisions and select the best possible candidate for your business. Customizable to meet your specific needs, this tool is a must-have for any HR department looking to reduce hiring risk and boost success. Get started today!


Bottle Shop Manager Position Description

Our comprehensive Bottle Shop Manager Position Description template is an essential tool for businesses looking to hire a top-performing manager for their bottle shop. The document includes all the necessary details on the role’s responsibilities, qualifications, and experience required, from managing inventory to developing sales strategies and leading a team. With this template, you can ensure a fair and consistent recruitment process that attracts the best candidates for the job. Don’t miss out on hiring a skilled and experienced Bottle Shop Manager – get our Position Description today!


Bakery/Café SWMS Package (SWMS)

Ensure the safety of your staff and customers with our comprehensive SWMS package, covering all aspects of bakery and café operations. Our package includes detailed instructions and guidelines for manual handling, food safety, using ovens and other equipment, handling cash, and more. Get your copy today and give your staff the confidence to work safely and efficiently.


Chief Financial Officer Position Description

Our Chief Financial Officer Position Description template provides a comprehensive outline of the duties and qualifications needed for the role. This template will help you attract the right candidates for your organization, whether you’re looking for an experienced CFO or someone ready to take the next step in their career. Use our template to create an effective job listing and find your next CFO today.


Plumbing Industry SWMS Package (SWMS)

Our package provides a comprehensive set of editable SWMS documents covering a wide range of plumbing tasks, ensuring the safety and compliance of your operations. From installing pipes to conducting repairs, each document includes all necessary safety requirements. Get your copy today!


Handling and Storing Food Products (SWMS)

This Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) is the solution for any food manufacturing operation. Our document outlines steps for safety and hygiene of all food products from receiving to distribution. By following the guidelines, potential hazards can be identified and mitigated. Get your copy today and ensure safety and quality!


Car and Car Parking Policy

Our policy provides clear guidelines for the safe and efficient use of company-owned vehicles and personal cars used for work. Our policy also covers parking regulations, ensuring a well-organized and smoothly functioning workplace. Protect your employees and the company’s interests by implementing our comprehensive Car and Car Parking Policy.


Use of an Excavator (SWMS)

Looking for a Safe Work Method Statement for using an excavator? Look no further! Our SWMS covers all the necessary steps and risk controls needed to ensure the safe operation of an excavator. It identifies hazards and risks associated with the tool and provides detailed instructions for safe use, including pre-start checks, excavation practices, and more. Ensure the safety of your workers and comply with relevant regulations by getting your copy today!


Band Saw Use (SWMS)

Our SWMS for using a band saw provides step-by-step instructions to ensure the safety and efficiency of workers. It identifies potential hazards and risk controls, including personal protective equipment (PPE) and equipment inspection procedures. By following our SWMS, you can minimize the risk of accidents and injuries, and ensure your workplace is compliant with safety regulations. Get your copy today for a safer workplace.


Coffee Machine Usage (SWMS)

Ensure safety in your bakery or café when using a coffee machine with our downloadable Safe Work Method Statement. Our statement outlines necessary precautions to prevent accidents and injuries, including proper machine maintenance, hot liquid handling, and safe equipment handling. Download now for a safer work environment.


Workplace Health and Safety – Sun Safety-Heat Protection Policy

Our policy provides clear guidelines for protecting employees from the risks of sun exposure and heat stress in the workplace. It covers essential topics such as risk assessments, provision of sun safety and heat protection equipment, and employee training. With our Workplace Health and Safety – Sun Safety-Heat Protection Policy, you can create a safe and healthy workplace environment for your employees while complying with legal requirements. Purchase today and prioritize your employees’ health and well-being.


Driving (SWMS)

Ensure driver and pedestrian safety with our comprehensive Safe Work Method Statement for driving. Our SWMS covers all driving settings, including heavy vehicles on construction sites and light vehicles on public roads. Hazard identification, risk control measures, and step-by-step procedures for safe driving practices are all included. Increase workplace safety and ensure compliance with safety regulations. Download our SWMS for driving today.


Employee Leave Policy

Our Employee Leave Policy template simplifies the process of managing employee leave entitlements. With clear guidelines on annual leave, sick leave, personal leave, and more, our policy ensures compliance with relevant legislation and sets out the responsibilities of both employees and management. Get your copy today and create a fair and efficient leave management system for your organization.


Heat Shrink Wrapping Machine (SWMS)

Ensure the safety of your workers with our Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) for Heat Shrink Wrapping Machine. Our SWMS includes a detailed guide on how to operate the machine safely, including hazard identification and risk control measures. We provide step-by-step instructions, from inspecting the work area to setting up and using the machine, and appropriate personal protective equipment required. By following our SWMS, you can be confident that the task can be completed safely and efficiently. Download our SWMS today and ensure your workplace is compliant with safety regulations.


Battery Drill (SWMS)

Ensure the safety of your workers when using a battery drill with our Safe Work Method Statement. Our SWMS outlines the hazards and risks associated with battery drill use, and measures to minimize those risks, including PPE requirements, pre-use checks, and safe work practices. Ensure safety and prevent incidents or injuries by following the steps and risk controls outlined in our document. Download our SWMS today for a safe and compliant workplace.


Brush Cutter (SWMS)

Our SWMS for using a brush cutter is a comprehensive document that covers all aspects of safe brush cutter use, including hazard identification, control measures, personal protective equipment requirements, and more. Protect your team and your business by investing in our reliable and effective Safe Work Method Statement today.


Working at Heights (SWMS)

Our SWMS for Working at Heights provides clear guidelines for anyone involved in elevated work. It includes hazard identification, risk assessments, and procedures for working on elevated surfaces and in confined spaces. Get your copy today to ensure the safety of your workers and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries on the job.


Handling and Removing Product from Trays, Racks or Tins (SWMS)

Minimize the risk of accidents and injuries in your food service or manufacturing setting with our downloadable Safe Work Method Statement for handling and removing products. Our statement provides clear guidelines and protocols for safe handling, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and maintaining a healthy work environment. Download now for a safer, more productive workplace.


Cook Position Description

Our Cook Position Description template covers all the key responsibilities and requirements for the role, from food preparation to kitchen safety. With our template, you can attract and hire the best candidates for your culinary team and ensure that they have a clear understanding of their job responsibilities and expectations. Get started today and take your culinary team to the next level!


Painter Position Description

Our Painter Position Description template is a must-have for businesses seeking to efficiently hire a skilled painter. Our document outlines the essential duties and responsibilities required of this role, from preparing surfaces to applying paint or other finishes. It also details the necessary skills, experience, and qualifications needed to excel in this role. With our Painter Position Description, you can streamline your recruitment process and find the right candidate who possesses the skills and experience required to excel in the position. Don’t waste any more time searching for the perfect candidate – order now and get the job done right.


Clam Die Cutter Machine (SWMS)

Looking for a way to ensure safe operation of your Clam Die Cutter Machine? Our Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) has got you covered. This document outlines potential hazards and controls, including step-by-step instructions for operating the machine safely, proper lockout/tagout procedures, and personal protective equipment requirements. By following our SWMS, you can reduce the risk of accidents and ensure the safety of everyone involved. Download your copy today to promote a safer work environment.


Work From Home Policy

Our comprehensive Work From Home Policy document provides clear guidelines and procedures for employees to work remotely, covering important topics such as communication, equipment requirements, and performance expectations. With this policy, your organization can offer flexibility to employees while maintaining productivity and professionalism. Get your copy today and establish a framework for successful remote work arrangements.


Bailing Machine (SWMS)

Stay compliant and keep your workers safe with our Safe Work Method Statement for using a Baling Machine. Our expert team has identified potential hazards and outlined risk controls, including proper PPE and equipment maintenance. Our SWMS provides step-by-step instructions for safe operation, minimizing the risk of accidents and injuries. Get your copy today and ensure your workplace is a safe environment for all.