Job Specification Template

Our Job Specification Template can help you create a clear and concise document that outlines the duties, responsibilities, and qualifications required for the role. This template is customizable and includes sections for job title, department, purpose, key responsibilities, required qualifications, and more. With this template, you can attract qualified candidates and ensure that your job description is compliant with employment laws and regulations.

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HR in a BOX have a wide range of document and reference material available for purchase. We can also tailor any document to suit your requirements.

Official Warning Letter

Our Official Warning Letter template is a comprehensive tool designed to help you communicate your expectations to your employees and protect your business from potential legal issues. With clear language and all the necessary components, this template ensures that your employees understand the consequences of failing to correct problematic behavior. Don’t wait until it’s too late – get our Official Warning Letter template today and safeguard your business.


Termination Letter

Our Termination Letter template is a reliable and legally compliant solution to terminate an employee’s employment. It includes all necessary details and complies with relevant employment laws and regulations. Save time and ensure a professional termination process by using our expertly crafted template.


Induction Checklist – New Employee

Our customizable Induction Checklist ensures that everything you need to cover during a new employee’s first few days on the job is covered, including policies, procedures, and safety information. Give your new hires a warm welcome, and set them up for success with our easy-to-use checklist.


Letter of Employment Offer Template

Our comprehensive and customizable Letter of Employment Offer Template provides a professional and clear outline of the terms and conditions of employment for new hires. From job title to start date, salary, benefits, and any special conditions, this document ensures that all new employees have a clear understanding of their role and responsibilities, and what they can expect from the company. Streamline your hiring process and build a strong reputation as an employer of choice with our Letter of Employment Offer Template.