New Employee Payroll Form

Our New Employee Payroll Form is a comprehensive document designed to help you efficiently and accurately onboard new employees. It includes all the necessary information for setting up payroll, including personal details, tax information, and banking information. This form helps ensure that your new employees are paid correctly and on time, while also reducing the administrative burden on your HR department. With our easy-to-use form, you can streamline your payroll process and ensure that all new employees are properly onboarded.

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HR in a BOX have a wide range of document and reference material available for purchase. We can also tailor any document to suit your requirements.

Health and Safety Induction Checklist

Our checklist provides a comprehensive guide to educate new employees about workplace health and safety policies and procedures. This customizable tool covers various topics such as emergency procedures, hazard identification, and reporting, personal protective equipment, and safe work practices. By using our checklist, you can minimize the risk of accidents and injuries and ensure a safe and compliant workplace. Make your workplace safer for your employees, download our Health and Safety Induction Checklist today.


Induction Checklist – New Employee

Our customizable Induction Checklist ensures that everything you need to cover during a new employee’s first few days on the job is covered, including policies, procedures, and safety information. Give your new hires a warm welcome, and set them up for success with our easy-to-use checklist.


Induction Schedule – New Employee

Our comprehensive package includes a customizable schedule that covers all the important aspects of a new employee’s job, including safety, policies, and training. With our Induction Schedule – New Employee package, you can ensure a smooth and successful onboarding experience, leading to higher job satisfaction and productivity.


New Employee Details Form

Our comprehensive form covers all essential employee details, including personal information, job title, and emergency contacts. Collecting this information before the first day of work can streamline the onboarding process, allowing your HR team to set up new hires quickly and efficiently. Order now!